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Renner 851 YO-XXC851 medium-solids, 2-component, waterborne coating is ideal for any interior wood surface, especially those in high-usage areas. Easy to sand, great clarity, excellent adhesion, and with superior durability, this waterborne 2K polyurethane is ideal for both new construction and refinishing applications.

Can be catalyzed at 10% with the YC.1400 or M404 for increased durability.

Although it can be sprayed with pneumatic or turbine HVLP equipment, this coating works best with airless or air-assisted airless pumps.

Catalyst YC.1400 or YC-M404 at 10% to add blocking properties, adhesion & durability
Pot Life 4 Hrs (once catalyzed)
Shelf Life 1 Year (unopened)
Recommended Number of Coats 2-3
Drying times (20C/68F ™ RH 45-65%)
Dust Free 45 Min.
Handling 1 Hour
Sanding 2-3 hours
Stackable 4 hours

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