Ligno Products:

Ligno Products:


The new Ultimax® Ligno is tailored for wood sanding applications. It combines a fast cut with a long life, thanks to especially good resistance to clogging when sanding substrates.

The recognizable grain pattern of the Mirka Ultimax Ligno ensures optimal cutting performance with consistent results. The segmented surface increases sanding pressure on each abrasive grain while directing dust in the channels created in between. Its resistance to clogging prevents swirl marks on the working surface.

In addition, each segment has four sharp corners and two angled surfaces, constantly creating additional cutting edges during sanding. This gives the Ultimax Ligno a consistent fast cut and great sanding results, ready for the next step.

Developing the Ultimax Ligno, Mirka chose a special latex-impregnated paper to prevent edge wear and tearing when sanding the edges of wood surfaces. This gives the Ultimax Ligno the desired flexibility and adhesion, resulting in a longer life for each abrasive. Reducing waste starts from the development stage.

To resist clogging and speed up the cutting process, Ultimax Ligno utilizes Mirka’s groundbreaking Multifit hole pattern. Its dust channels leading to extraction holes take control of dust, keeping the abrasive grains cutting, and as air circulates under the abrasive, it reduces heat during sanding – an important benefit when sanding substrates, avoiding turning wood dust into a clogging putty.

Even larger wood dust particles are not an issue thanks to different width dust channels. Exposure to wood dust is a significant occupational health risk, meaning Ultimax Ligno is designed from the start with Mirka’s dust free sanding technology.