Product Overview:

Mirka 5" DEROS Electric Sander 550CV 5mm Orbit (MID55020CAUS) is the first ever electric sanding machine with a brushless motor and no external power supply and is the lightest electric machine on the market. The 5mm (3/16") random orbit is perfectly suited for most sanding tasks.

The Mirka DEROS is vacuum-ready and features a soft start function, built-in electronic motor brake, smooth and easy-to-operate lever to control motor speed, changeable power cord, and digitally controlled variable speeds from 4,000 to 10,000 rpm to provide the ideal finish for a variety of applications.

Thanks to its high-efficiency brushless motor, the DEROS has plenty of power to get the job done quickly. Its performance is comparable to a conventional 500W electric machine. It maintains a constant speed even under heavy load. The innovative design of the brushless motor means there are few wearing components, so it is low maintenance, ultra-reliable, and has a long lifespan. In contrast to conventional electric machines, the DEROS features a ‘closed construction’ that prevents dust from entering the motor where it can cause wear and damage.

The unique symmetrical design makes it just as comfortable to use with the left or right hand, and the longer body provides the option of a two-hand grip. MIRKA DEROS is equipped with a new type of backing pad that has a central air inlet and results in improved air flow and helps extract dust away from the center of the tool even faster.

Why Choose an Electric Mirka Deros Over a Pneumatic Air Machine?

There is no need for a compressor, making it about 10 times more energy-efficient and cost-effective than powering a compressor. It does not require oiling and there’s no risk of job contamination from a compressed air supply. The DEROS is a convenient solution to use anywhere a power source is available.

What's Included:

The DEROS system is packaged in a durable systainer case (MIN6532011) for stack-able storage and easy handling, Mirka 5" grip vacuum backup pad (915GV28), 5" pad saver (99528), wrench for changing backup pads (MPP0412) and changeable US 110 power cord (MIE6517211).

Recommended Vacuum Accessories:

The DEROS vacuum connection utilizes a 1-1/4" O.D. threaded hose. Consider using a Mirka 12' Vacuum Hose (MIN6519411) and 18' (MVHA-5) or 32' (MVHA-10) Coaxial Vacuum Hoses recommended, sold separately. Also, consider the Mirka DE-1230-PC Dust Extractor to complete your dust-free sanding system.


Made in Finland and backed by the industry's best 2+1 year Mirka warranty, simply register your tools at